About Us

Welcome to Reformed Evangelical Fellowship club! Thanks be to God, for by His grace, this club can start a ministry to serve students on campus. One may ask, why do we need another Christian Club?

We will start off with explaining the underlying principles that drives the formation of Reformed Evangelical Fellowship (REF). We have come to realise that many have been living a dualistic life where they live like the world from Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday, live a “holy” life.

Not only that, challenges to Christian faith from the world they live in have increased, and that’s why we need to learn more about Christian worldview .

Another question that may pop up in our head is why we used “Reformed Evangelical Fellowship” instead of other common names? The name Reformed Evangelical Fellowship signifies our mission. The word ‘reformed’ refers to the principle of semper reformanda, a phrase used by the Reformers meaning ‘back to the Bible’. We believe that the Bible is God’s words written by His prophets and apostles through divine intervention. Therefore, we believe that the Bible is the source of absolute truth and the foundation of Christian worldview. Meanwhile, the word ‘Evangelical’ refers to the spirit of evangelism where we want to share the true Gospel to all people, driven by the spirit of God, with compassion for lost souls.

Through weekly meetings, bible studies, public lectures and a range of activities, we are hoping that people would start to realise the importance of Christian worldview in our day to day life.

Weekly Meetings are on every Tuesday at Room 114 of the John Medley Building

Glory to God in the highest!

By His grace,

Reformed Evangelical Committee