Psalm: Coram Deo – Weekly Meeting, Week 5

Psalm 46

This Psalm was written in the context of war; Jerusalem was under dire threat. Here, the Psalter urged us to trust God and to have confidence in Him during difficult times and in any situations that we are facing. It is repeated several times in the refrain: the Lord Almighty is with us.

Psalm 46 can be divided into 3 parts.

1) V1-3 God is exalted in the earthquake.

When you know your God, and you have a fear of the Lord, you no longer fear anything else. “an ever-present help in trouble” implies that our experience of God’s help in the past helps us to not fear because we believe that He will help us just like He has in the past.

2) V4-7 God is exalted in the city.

Here, the Psalter talks about man-made disasters like wars. The city of God is secured, not because her walls are strong but because God is within her.

3) V8-11 God is exalted in all the earth

In these verses, the Lord is described as a warrior, bringing peace by destroying the destroyers.

The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress. If God be in our hearts, by his word dwelling richly in us, we shall be established, we shall be helped; let us trust and not be afraid.

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