Psalm: Coram Deo – Weekly Meeting, Week 3

In this week’s meeting, we visited one of the most important Psalms, which is Psalm 19. Here, we are again reminded of Coram Deo.

Specifically Psalm, the biblical faith isn’t only about our spiritual life.

Most of the time, when we talk about the Christian faith, we reduce it to an area concerning only our spiritual lives. We make a distinction between our spiritual life and secular life. So what is the spiritual life? It includes the “churchy” activities we do such as bible study, reading the bible, prayer meetings, worshipping at church, etc. How about the secular life? It involves our daily weekday activities in university, work, and leisure time. In other words, the secular life is anything apart from the spiritual life. However, according to the bible, such distinction does not exist. The bible does not teach us that some aspects of our life are spiritual and some are secular. Every aspect of this life is spiritual. Everything is done in the presence of God. God is sovereign over every aspect of our lives, be it church, university, government, relationships between parents and child, etc.

Therefore, our life is either secular or spiritual. A spiritual life is a godly life, whereas a secular life is a worldly life.

God created human being and nature, and is thus sovereign above all. Humans are able to understand nature but nature is not able to understand humans.

Are humans then able to understand God? The only way humans can understand God is by God revealing Himself to us. How does He reveal Himself to us? (i) general revelation (ii) special revelation. There are three big divisions in Psalm 19. Verse 1-6 talks about God’s general revelation.

In verses 1-6, God reveals Himself to us through His creations. All his creations proclaim His glory. No one will dispute the fact that nature is beautiful. But due to the corruption of humans’ hearts by sin, some deny the existence of God and thus not everyone will agree on creation.

That is why God gave us special revelation (v7-11), which consists of the written word of God and the Word who became flesh: Jesus Christ. General revelation is not sufficient due to the presence of sin. As John Calvin said it, sin is like the sickness of the eye.

If you pay attention closely, verses 7-11 contain six parallel sentences and every sentence refers to God as Lord. In the general revelation, the psalmist refers to God as God. Here, he used Lord. This is because Lord is the covenant name, and only His children use it. Also, the word Lord is always in the same position, depicting poetry at its best and reflecting and revealing the perfection of God’s words.

Verses 10 and 11 talk about the meditation of the psalmist, which contemplated on how valuable the word of God is (cf. Psalm 119) and verses 12-14 talk about the believers’ responses.

In summary, Psalm 19 started with the heavens and skies, and finished with one person before God, teaching us that we should live our entire lives in the presence of God according to His word.

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