REF End of Semester 2 (2015) Outing

We are having our outing next week! YAAAY!!

We are having this outing to collaborate together with REF Monash University so the members of REF of both universities can get to know each other and by knowing each other we can build and help our fellow brothers and sisters. We will be doing fun activities both in Monash campus (Clayton) and UniMelb campus (Parkville) to familiarise ourselves with both campuses. There will be activities which will require brains and brawns and certain skills which may prove useful to improve your social skills but cooperation will be key in our activities. It will be relaxing as the main aim for this outing is fellowship but the activities will be great and unpredictable!

For those of you who live in the city (or its surrounding), please gather at Flinders Street Station by 9am, but for those who don’t live in the city and/or want to go to the Clayton campus directly, please be there by 10am. For more details, please contact Fernan or Jason (phone number on the poster). Please register to Fernan if you want to join the outing.

We hope you guys can come and have fun with us, and for those who are still having their exam(s), we wish you all the best and glorify God with your results! 🙂

Thank you!


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